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Childline Nashik rescues and assists children in various situations such as labor, addiction, and early-age marriage, solving 10 to 15 cases monthly.

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Childline Nashik works on various issues such as child labor, child beggary, orphan children, abandoned children, runaway children, addicted children, school dropout children, etc. Childline has rescued girls from brothels and helped them return home. They have also rescued children who were working as waiters or cleaners in dhabas, hotels, and restaurants where they were not paid. Childline ensured that these children received their wages and were rescued. Additionally, Childline has prevented early-age marriages in Igatpuri and surrounding areas, provided medical assistance for a child's skin implantation, and successfully handled missing children cases from all over India. According to their annual report, Childline Nashik solves a minimum of 10 to 15 cases per month.

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