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Vision & Mission


  •     Eliminating poverty, creating more employment opportunities, empowering women and other worker and deprived section creating new skills facilities growth.
  •     To work for the welfare of women empowerment, their livelihood and youth of the marginalized and under - developed sections.
  •     Sensitizing the society towards the rampant exploitation of such weaker sectors either in employment or in trafficking.
  •     To uphold the socio – economic scenario of women empowerment & livelihood for the between society.


  •     Fostering Collaboration for Societal Advancement, with a Focus on Youth and Women in Challenging Circumstances.
  •     To create a conductive environment for the betterment and development of the deprived section of society.
  •     Adopting positive approach to achieve the aim of empowering women and of the marginalized.
  •     Mobilizing the community to assert their rights and encouraging a participatory approach to development.