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More than daycare, it's a community of hope and learning.
Empowering mothers to thrive, one call at a time
Rural Development
Empowering rural communities, transforming lives.
Health Care
Bringing hope and healing to those in need: A Health Facility for the Underprivileged.
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Navjeevan World Peace and Research Foundation has been founded by Mr.Subhash Deshmukh (Bade Sir) and Mrs.Vijaya Deshmukh (Bade Madam) in the year 1997. Since the inception it has been working in various fields for the upliftment of deprived and weaker section….

What We Do

Child Rights Cause, Navjeevan Foundation Nashik

Child Rights

Navjeevan Foundation in Nashik runs several projects aimed at supporting and protecting children in crisis, including Childline 1098, Railway Childline (Child Help Desk), Day Care Center, SBC3 (for ending child marriages), AKKI’s Pathshala (support class for school dropouts), Creach (for children of migrant workers), and various training programs. These programs provide support and care to children, educate and train professionals, and aim to bring children in crisis back into mainstream society.
Rural Development Programme

Rural Development Programme

Navjeevan Foundation is working to improve the lives of people in rural areas through various initiatives, such as SINNAR PURV VIKAS PRATISHTHAN, a farmers club supported by NABARD, and a groundwater conservation project. These efforts aim to increase economic well being, provide new skills, and improve water availability. The foundation is focused on finding ways to help rural communities become self-reliant.
AISECT Livelihood Programme

Livelihood Programme

Navjeevan Foundation arranged training programs for teachers, healthcare workers, police, NGOs, advocates, media, and saving groups to create awareness on child rights, responsibilities, healthcare policies, child protection laws, and Childline 1098.
Health Care Programme

Health Care

The mMitra project provides free mobile voice call services to pregnant women and mothers in India with information on preventive care. The Navjeevan Foundation operates a Mobile Health Unit (MHU) in Mumbai, offering daily health check-ups, tests, and treatments to weaker sections for a nominal fee. The MHU covers 35-40 kilometers daily to reach as many people as possible.
Women Empowerment Programme

Women Empowerment

The Navjeevan Foundation is dedicated to empowering women through various initiatives. These include: Institute of Vocational Education, Micro Finance for Self-Help Groups, Sugran Community Centre & Mahila Melava for Women Empowerment.
Varsha Run Event 2014

Varsha Run

The Navjeevan Foundation has been organizing the Varsha Run in Nashik since 2013 for a social cause aimed at assisting children in need. During its work on children’s issues, Navjeevan identified the necessity for medical and educational support, as well as the rehabilitation of street children. The objective behind the Varsha Run is to serve underprivileged children in and around Nashik and provide them with a glimmer of hope through the contributions of society at large.
Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Mela

Kumbh mela is one of the biggest events in Nashik. Kumbh Mela is a religious festival that occurs once every 12 years, and is celebrated in four major pilgrim centers around the country. When this type of event comes to any place they bring various infectious illnesses with them. And because of disposal of stool and urine in the water there are so many types of skin infection. And at that time because of crowd…

Our Programmes


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Children– Beneficiaries of Childline service, who were needy of care & protection, sponsorships etc.
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Children– Beneficiaries of Akki’s Pathshala, the children who were school dropout; came to mainstream of education.
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Youth– Trained under skill India scheme under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna (PMKVY)
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Women– Health awareness during pregnancy and delivery as well as lactating women through mMitra project.
Rural Development (12 Villages)- farmers learned about Modern agriculture and fertilizers, seeds etc,